Monday, 23 March 2009

Little Giraffe

I knitted this Little Giraffe for my new niece/nephew, who isn't due till September.

Giraffe Mosaic

Little giraffe likes flowers, the nice warm lamp on my desk, bananas and yellow bowls, though he's not too sure about pea and pesto soup, even if it is home made!

The pattern was great, a quick little knit. I made a couple of modifications:

  • Worked it on two circs instead of DPNs

  • Knitted an extra row of yellow before starting the body chart to secure all the legs together

  • Rearranged the stitches so the ear flap was on one needle, and worked an extra row there so the yarn was in the right place for redividing the stitches to work the face.

Also, I made sure to catch the yellow yarn in on the middle stitch of each spot, when I didn't do this, the legs got very tight. Next time I'd leave an even longer tail for sewing the ears and making the horns, and I'd embroider the eyes before stuffing the head.

Now I just need to pack it away till September & not forget where I've put it!

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