Thursday, 12 March 2009

Eye Spy... Makes Me Laugh

I'm a bit late for this week's date, as this week I've been a bit busy. Drobtinice set us the theme of 'Something that makes me laugh', and it has got to be my family.

People who meet my parents say that all my eccentricities suddenly make sense. Yesterday my dad called me, almost crying tears of laughter to tell me about an incident at his work resulting in the destruction of a modelling straw tower with a bit of lighting equipment. It's impossible not to laugh when my dad is!

From my mum's endlessly optimistic belief that she needn't do a gauge swatch when knitting hats:

Mum Hat December


To my dad having the sense of fun to still let us put his hair into bunches and ponytails, even when his girls are in their twenties:

Dad Hair
Yes, some of those are held up with freezer clips

And my sister and I being on the same wacky wavelength:

Hev and ali

I know whenever I feel a bit blue my family will cheer me up.

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