Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ahead of the game

I'm in a funny place here. I think they call it Organised. I've finished a good friend's birthday present, with over 3 weeks to go till their birthday, and cast on for my new niece/nephew's knitted giraffe I'm making for when they are born in September.

I've got a list with all the people I want to get gifts for this year, and while it contains lots of gaps where I don't have ideas for specific people yet, the next things I am going to make are a couple of Christmas presents. Christmas. An event which is 282 days away!

And I'm not the only one. Spinonehalf has started her Christmas knitting too.

Maybe it took a few years of last minute December cramming to get us to learn that we really should start early. I'm just not sure March was when we'd planned to!


spinonehalf said...

I'm so far ahead of the game that I'm making presents but I have no idea who they're for.

Wait, that's not really ahead is it?

Still haven't made Mr Spinonehalf's V-Day socks yet though.

Heather said...

*grins* Yeah, but you'll be glad of them when you get to December with a list of aunts and friends and peeps!