Saturday, 3 July 2010


Current UFO Pile:
  • Lace Mohair Scarf - ever ongoing
  • Manos Vest - stalled because I have too many YOs in the wrong place - need aunty Helen to help me make it Go! ;P
  • Denim dress which needs fixing
  • Purple Linen skirt - just needs the hem turning up
  • Laptop sleeve - lots left to do. I got bored.
  • Hemming for a lady at work - really should do this.
  • 1 x Top Secret Crochet Project - just need to join pieces
  • Part finished blouse - slow progress being made
  • Crewel picture, lots of circles - I think I'm nearly done with this then I can frame and hang it
  • Textured embroidery butterfly pic - nearly done, got a few more areas to add to, stitch the border, frame and hang.
  • Petticoat - loads to do on this, however I now have a bias binding foot for the sewing machine, and a ruffler foot for the overlocker, as well as Hot Ginger as an excuse!
Hrm... There are probably many more UFOs lurking forgotten in cupboards, but these are the ones I can call up straight away!

How many have you got, crafty peeps?

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