Saturday, 27 March 2010

Embroidery Threads

Yesterday I discovered that Sharon B, who writes my favourite Stitch Directory, was teaching an embroidery course through Joggles.

Despite being half way through already, enrolments were still open, so I took the plunge and booked myself on. So far, it looks fantastic - loads of great instructions going from design to stitch.

The first activity involves working in monochrome - all white/cream threads - to focus on design and texture. I knew I didn't have many suitable threads, so decided to find all the heaps of cottons I have stashed around the house, and tidy them, so that I can pick up some more.

Having found all my stashes, I had:
Embroidery Threads (1)

Including a lot of blues and greens:
Embroidery Threads (2)

And almost no blacks and whites:
Embroidery Threads (3)

I tidied these away into my two Gold Concept boxes:
Embroidery Threads Mosaic

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