Sunday, 4 July 2010

Busy Day

It was my birthday on Friday, so today I made cakes to take in to work tomorrow:

Baking Birthday 2010 (5)

53 cupcakes and 24 cookies

Birthday Baking mosaic

Mocha, orange, lemon and vanilla

Baking Birthday 2010 (4)

Baking Birthday 2010 (2)

Baking Birthday 2010 (3)

Here's the orange cupcakes ready to go in, and Piggy Wiggy, the spatula my colleagues bought me, which has worked hard today!

Also, mum & dad gave me these lovely flowers. I don't have a vase at the moment, so I arranged them in a set of jam jars:

Birthday Flowers

Tired and accomplished!


spagirlgreene said...

oh... the flowers are beautiful. forget the vase, i'll take the jam jar!

kitchen tables said...

Happy birthday to you. Your cakes are so yummy. I wish I am one of your office mate. They are so lucky that they have a friend like you. You are so kind.