Sunday, 3 May 2009

Finished Top

I've been working on Thomas's quilt, and yesterday I pieced all the squares into 6 strips to form the central panel. Today, I've sewed it into this:

Finished Top

The observant among you might notice that it differs slightly from the plan. When I was assembling the strips, I seem not to have managed to put the squares together to make a railfence. I'm calling it Crocodile Whirlpool.

Now to do more crafting before going to Wrapped In Wool's birthday crafty shenanigans, and more sewing is planned for tomorrow, including teaching Mr Wonderfuls how to sew cravats.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

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Caroline said...

As you say, not exactly a rail fence, BUT I think it's looks beautiful, and I'm sure everyone else will agree.

Caroline x

daina said...

so beautiful!!

Heather said...

Thank you for the lovely feedback ladies :)

Now I just need to get on and quit the thing!