Friday, 29 May 2009

Creative Sketchbooks Module 3

I handed in Module 3 of my course last week.

It was an enjoyable module, I had to collect inspirational collections of images.

I then used one of these to paint a range of papers using colours drawn from an image of a bird, and further worked into the papers with oil pastels and PVA glue.

Module 3 Mosaic

The biggest challenge for me was the drawing part of the module, where I had to sketch various plants. Having not done any drawing for about 13 years, I was rather scared of that part of the module. Hannah gave me some good suggestions, the most helpful of which was to set a timer and just sketch for 5 minutes, getting down whatever you can in that time. I did these 3 sketches of plants int he conservatory on holiday:

Leaf Sketch (Large)

Aloe Vera Sketch (Large)

Pink Flower Sketch (Large)

I need to get into a habit of drawing more things, so that I can keep on working at the fear of doing it, and hopefully get better!

The next module looks fun, lots of work with collage and stencilling.

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Hannah said...

Totally awesome, I am jealous, jealous jealous! You rock ^_^

Heather said...

Thanks honey - you are my arty guru :D

How is your course going?

I got pretty acrylic inks, will report back when I've had a chance to use them!