Sunday, 9 November 2008

Weekly Collage 2008-11-09

Lots of stuff going on this week, it was our 1st week back from holiday. I've not done tonnes of crafting, but did have a lovely weekend visiting friends down South and calling in on Milton Keynes (where I lived until I was 5) on the way back.

This Wednesday the
Innocent Big Knit smoothies appeared in the shops, so I went along an got one for myself, my boss and my two colleagues, as well as one for Rikk. We had lots of nice hats, but I didn't see any of mine in my local Sainsburys. I also took a picture of my tea mug - I take a stacking pot of different loose herbal teas into work, and enjoy a different cuppa with my stripy mug each day. This is the flower which fell out of the big bunch on reception, so I adopted it!

Weekly Collage 2008-10-19 2

Helen popped round on Monday & brought this lovely bread to go with our curried pumpkin soup. The third & 4th pics are sneak peeks of Christmas gifts I've been working on today.

Weekly Collage 2008-10-19 3

There was this nice ivy in Milton Keynes - I liked the lines of the branches and the patterns of the leaves which were still attached. When I was younger, I remember the
Concrete Cows, though I think I more remember people talking about them when I was older. I was surprised to see the cows in the shopping centre. I loved the Lego shop, which had this fab RNLI lifeboat, and I made a lego man - Clive - who has dashing blue hair & a smart suit. He carries a circular saw. We took Clive to Pizza Hut for lunch.

Next week, more Christmas crafting, and I am nearly done with the holiday photos, so hopefully a post about that too!

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Hannah said...

Lol, of course, where else would you take a man with a circular saw for lunch? ;-D

Heather said...

Exactly, though I think he'd be pretty happy in a carvery too :p