Monday, 24 November 2008

Five Go Adventuring

Hannah, Jim, Helen / Anna (my mum), Rikk, me!

Not too recently now, (last month) my lovely friends and family went on a holiday to Criccieth, on the North Wales Coast. My astute audience will notice that the title states there were 5 of us, but the roll call (above) includes 6. My sister & her family were staying in another cottage just down the road in Pwlhelli, but had to go home early as Thomas had an ear infection, so my mum joined us in our cottage, rather than be alone in a strange house.

The view from the bedroom window, Shoes in the sunlight, a chcken on the drive, grandfather clock with no minute hand

Our cottage was in the middle of nowhere, a couple of miles from the sea. It had a lovely holiday feel to it, and had nice things like clocks and dressers full of plates, and somewhere to put coats and boots. It was on a farm, so there were chickens.

Railway sign, Rikk & Heather, Train view / Steam Train, view, More Sign!

We spent the Saturday and Sunday settling into the cottage and buying a ridiculous amount of food at Lidl, then on Monday we went on the Welsh Highland Railway. This is a lovely little steam train service, about a 30 minute round trip with a museum at the other end. I took a lot of photos, which sadly my memory card reader ate, so all I have are little photos. Sadly this is the last season the WHR will be able to run trains due to a dispute over track rights.

Criccieth Castle

We went to Criccieth castle, which was very windy, but had beautiful views. When we had a rest on a bench looking out over the bay, there was a little robin flying around, attracting the attention of a lovely Mackerel tabby. They were also having a medieval day, where we got to look at various weapons and Helen struck a coin.

The inaugaral outing for my flowery wellies, Rikk wandering on the beach, a view of the castle, my lovely silly hat, on my lovely silly boyfriend.

Rikk and I had a little afternoon out and went back to Criccieth, where we wandered on the beach. Again, it was cold and windy, so we wrapped up warm, and I proceeded to jump the waves. We had lovely fish and chips in a cafe overlooking the beach, and bought a lovespoon and a painting to decorate our house.

Pumpkins: Rikk, Hannah, Anna, Helen

Halloween came and went in a flurry of quilting for me, while the other cottage denizens carved their pumpkins, which looked very impressive next to the light from the fire.

Sygun and Beddgelert

We spent a nice day over at Sygun Copper mine, looking round the mine at the stalagmites and stalactites which had formed since the mines closed, and learning about the copper processing. Lunch at Beddgelert was provided by a bistro/antique shop, and then there was the cows incident.

Black Rock Sands

We called in on Black Rock Sands on the way home, which is a spectacular wide beach where you can drive right onto the sand. I've taken lots of lovely photos there before, in February, and took lots more this time.

Ice Creams at Cadwaladers

We stopped off at Cadwaladers for ice cream before starting the drive home. I had a coffee/toffee cone, sat looking out over the sea. Right after I took the photo of my cone, it snapped in half and deposited my ice cream in my hand. We had fun tootling ice cream flutes, and enjoying coffees and hot chocolates.

Over the course of the week, I also got a lot of crafting done, finishing Christmas gifts for Dad & my sister & working on Chloë's quilt, as well as gifts for two other friends.

We've already booked the next holiday, so we're off to
Anglesey in Spring, which I can't wait for.

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Jace said...

Wonderful photos ... thanks for sharing. :-) LOVE your flowery boots. :-D

daina said...

All so lovely! What's the cow incident??

Heather said...

@Jace - thank you. Wales is so picturesque, so many lovely beaches and mountains. I got the boots from Millets, they will be perfect for the folk festivals next year too!

@Daina - thanks hon - the cow incident was that video I posted, of the cows running down Beddgelert 'high street', being chased by the farmer and a lad trying to stop them running down a side street!