Sunday, 12 October 2008

This Week in Pictures - 6th to 12th October 2008

Row 1: My neighbour has painted her front door & the ginnel door, from red to lime green. I snapped this pic when the ginnel door was still red, made me smile. ~ I bought two brushes for my art course, a Cotman 1/2 inch flat and a size 12 round sable, with a handle long enough to be a magic wand! I like using nice tools. ~ It was our second week back at lindy hop. This is our friend Rik, who enjoyed himself. Caught up with many old friends from last year's classes, too. ~ I've been enjoying lots of nice walks on the lawn at work, one of the
evergreen bushes has these gorgeous red berries. ~
Row 2: Each week we have a different flower display in Reception at work, and this week was some gorgeous red lilies and blue flowers that kept shedding petals. The contrast of the blue on red was lovely. ~ A sneaky closeup of a top secret Christmas gift, the first one I've finished. ~ Talking of gifts, I'm making a quilt or two, one for Chloe's 4th birthday (in 4 weeks time, eep!) and here's the fabric prewashing in the machine. ~ I liked the swirls of blue paint in the water pot when I was painting.
Row 3: I'm still a very novice quilter, and it took me a while to straighten off the ends of the fabrics I was using, hence this large pile of offcuts. ~ I've had my lovely Clarks winter shoes for a month now, and I love how they show off my socks when I wear nice patterned ones! ~ Another top secret Christmas project, to go with the other one, and for the same person! Lucky lady! ~ Talking of work, with its nice lawn and fresh flowers, this is the building I work in. Makes Monday mornings much nicer.

Fab week in review format nicked from Scrumdillydilly - go read her blog, very cool.
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daina said...

Yay for seeing you on a blog and yay for everything else! I love clarks shoes and that super secret santa thing looks amazing already:)Michael went around the house the other day hanging owl ornaments (made by a very special Heather)He told me we need to put pics in them. So we will!

Heather said...


Yeah, Clarks shoes are rather fab - I reckon I'm getting old - pretty is 4th on my list of shoe purchasing requirements, after comfortable, waterproof and long lasting!

Aaah - I'm glad he still likes them - my owly bag has just become famous...