Wednesday, 15 October 2008

On My Desk This Week...

I've been working on the activities for module 2 of my Creative Sketchbooks course, which has involved playing with watercolour paints and salt:

I've also been working on a birthday q
uilt for my soon-to-be-4 year old niece, Chloe. It is in lots of bright colours, and tonight I've been appliquéing the flowers on to it. Soon they'll be joined by happy singing birds and butterflies:
I thought I'd also share my work desk with you, so here's a photo of it at lunchtime today, hence the knitting - sadly I don't get to knit during working hours.My knitting bag is the owl one made for me by my friend Daina, and it always makes me smile.

So, that's 2 of my 3 desks! My 3rd one is the PC desk, next to the craft desk, and it's enough of a mess that it is a good thing I have a keyboard shelf, as that means I can write this post!

Go check out Kirsty's post to see more desks!

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1 comment:

daina said...

I'm so glad you still like the bag. i have a certain owl tote hanging on my hook in the kitchen, ready to go out and about tomorrow;)