Friday, 24 April 2009

The Wrong Season

I'm making good progress on the Treat scarf to go with the mittens I mentioned in this post.

Treat Scarf
(The yarn is actually cornflower blue & jades, same as the mittens,I took the pic with my cameraphone)

It amuses me that the weather is, on the whole, beautifully warm here. I reckon I'll finish it, wear it once 'just because', then pack it away with the mittens (which I'm still wearing) as something to look forward to in October.

I'm also really proud of this photo of a seagull I took at Beaumaris on holiday:

Anglesey 2009 Beaumaris Pier (18)

It was a long way up, I was zoomed as far in as my camera will go, and I got lucky!

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Jace said...

Hi Heather. :) I bet the cornflower blue + jade colours look lovely together. The seagull is absolutely beautiful.

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