Sunday, 26 April 2009

For David...

My friend David celebrated his birthday recently, so I made him this little guy:

Davidasaurus Mosaic

The pattern is Grumpasaurus from Kat Knits, though he rapidly got renamed 'Davidasaurus'

I love this picture of Davidasaurus roaming across Blanketscape:

Davidasaurus (7)

Last week, David had to go into hospital overnight, so to keep him company I made him Little Nurse:

Little Nurse Mosaic

I based her on the pattern for the Black Apple Doll, at the size as printed (not enlarged) with a few additions, namely her belt, collar, nurse's hat and shoes.

I made the shoes by cutting two pairs of foot shapes out of red felt (slightly larger than the doll's feet), folding one from each pair in half and cutting the dip out of the top. I blanket stitched them round the edges and joined them to the feet by threading a needle with six strands of embroidery thread, making a tiny stitch on the back of the shoe, through the leg and back out through the shoe again, then drawing the thread through till the tails were of equal length. I knotted this, rethreaded my needle and made one stitch on each side through the foot with the tails, coming out at the front level with where I wanted the ties to start. I tied these off in a bow and trimmed the tails to a nice length.

I'd not had a chance to take photos of either of these two before I gave them to David, but he & Anna visited this weekend, so I took these then. While they were both in the same place, Davidasaurus and the Little Nurse got quite friendly!

Davidasaurus & Little Nurse Get Acquainted Mosaic

I had a great time making both of these, and I'm very proud of how Little Nurse turned out. I'm planning on making a couple of these for the girls for their birthdays, so it's nice to know that the pattern does what I want it to do!

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Anonymous said...

Do you ever just feel ridiculously privileged sometimes? I do.

Heather said...

I know that feeling... ;)

Hooray Giant Love-In!