Saturday, 28 February 2009

Quilt Plan

I've made quilts for both Chloë & Emma's birthdays, which they love- they go with the girls whenever they stay away from home. It is Thomas' 2nd birthday this year, so it is his turn to have an Aunty Quilt. Both of the girls quilts were late, and I don't want TJ's to be. His birthday is in August, so I'm buying the fabric today, and making it when I go on holiday in a couple of months time.

TJ Quilt Mockup J

This is my plan for Thomas' quilt. I'm very lucky that the wonderful Cotton Patch is just down the road from me, so I get to go to the shop and choose my fabrics. I may not use the ones I picked for the mockup, as I'm sure there'll be lots of exciting possibilities once I get to the shop. I found picking fabrics for this quilt harder than for the girls - so many quilt fabrics are either pink/girly colours, or floral. I don't really want a kiddy print one so my choices are a bit more limited. I'm sure I'll be fine when I get there and am surrounded by lovely fabrics

I like making these mockups - I do them in paint using the pictures of the fabrics from the Cotton Patch website, and it helps me see whether my borders are balanced, etc. I know this is a simple Railfence block, but it's new to me, so I wanted to practice.

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