Saturday, 5 May 2012

Soldered Stained Glass 'Window' and Presents

I'm having a bit of a catch up on things I've made but not blogged about.

I spent a lovely day at New Year while cat sitting for friends working on some embroideries using techniques I picked up in a workshop with Margaret Beal.

I used the same technique to do both the presents (for a Birmingham Embroiderers' Guild Christmas pennant) and the window piece, except that the window has stitched outlines.

The pieces are worked on a base of acrylic felt, with layers of polyester organza on top. The soldering iron is used to make marks into the layers, both freehand and along a metal ruler. With care, the top layer can also be removed, revealing the colours below, and allowing for further mark making.

The window had an outline square and free-machined lines inside, forming spaces to work within, rather like zentangling.

It was a lovely process, very easy to get 'flow'. The only thing to be aware of is the risk of burning from the soldering iron.

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