Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Module 4

I posted about the collages I'd made for Module 4. The rest of the module was about stencilling, punching, piercing and spraying. Here's are the pieces I submitted:

Mod 4 Act 3- Piercing

The green piece is attached to this next page...
Mod 4 Act 4 - Spraying 1

Which has butterfly shaped holes cut out of it so I could spray ink thorugh onto the next page:
Mod 4 Act 4 - Spraying 2

For this page, I masked off the birds with stencil apertures, then painted the page with calligraphy ink, bleached out the sun through a stencil, and sprayed bleach to mottle the sky:
Mod 4 Act 4 - Spraying with Bleach

For this one, I cut a (very complex!) hinge stencil, made a sprayed background to look like door pannels, and stenciled both black and gold markal thorugh the stencil:
Mod 4 Act 5 - Stencilling 1 Small

The next one is my favourite piece of work I've made so far. Firstly I made a watercolour wash in blues and purples on the front of the page, and applied pastels off the edge of a mask to the back of the page. I tore a strip off the side and folded the page, punching holes along both the torn and folded edges. I laced them back together, adding buttons along the fold, and edged various areas on the watercolour side with iridescent markal paintstik.
Mod 4 Act 2 - Punching - The Shipping Forecast (Front)
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Mod 4 Act 2 - Punching - The Shipping Forecast (Back)
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Beau von Noogins said...

Great stuff hon, that course sounds like a lot of fun ^_^