Monday, 19 January 2009

Folksy Five: Journalling

I was given a wonderful book by my friend Hannah for Christmas. The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are has got me over my fear of drawing. I bought a lovely little Moleskine journal - Moleskine Pocket Sketch-book and just got going. I'm loving the time I spend absorbed in it totally, something which I don't think I've experienced since childhood.

In honour of that, this week's Folksy Five is journals and related bits I currently love:

Folksy Five Mosaic: Journalling

1. Handpainted Moleskine Cahier Journal by Illusio Creative - The cover art on this journal is so beautiful, a book that would just have to contain lots of lovely things.

2. Matryoshka Jute Bag by Beaky - You'd need something to go on adventures with, carrying your journal, pencils, and probably a packed lunch and a camera too! This little Matryoshka bag would be perfect for day exploring.

3. Mini Oz Inspired Sketchbook by KatysShop - This little A6 sketchbook would be perfect for popping in a pocket for drawing anywhere, and it has a Wizard of Oz cover, lovely.

4. Pencil Roll Up - Dragonflies and Retro Print - by RowSewCreative is beautiful, and would hold a set of pencils prefect for any picture opportunity.

5. Concertina book by Lapwing Printworks - a beautiful book that would be lovely recording thoughts and mementoes from a special holiday.

An honourable mention has to go to "& with these pencils", also by Lapwing Printworks, a fantastic little shop selling cards, prints and other paper goods printed in Norfolk. I was going to feature it in my Folksy Five, but I decided it was so gorgeous, I had to buy it:
Isn't it wonderful!



Lorna Cowie said...

Keep drawing, Heather! I love the 'With these pencils!'

spinonehalf said...

:) Then it's an awesome book.